Hi, I'm Katie. I'm a young, witty, designer's designer.

A tell-tale childhood story proving that brand design is my calling:

When I was three years old, my grandparents bought a dollhouse for me for Christmas. In a candid, family-video kind of way, my response was "thank you for K-Mart." 

I didn't mentioned the product, but the brand experience I had with seeing that dollhouse at K-Mart. That story always leads to my aim as a designer.

I'm an idea seeker. I love to build brands up, and let their stories create meaning so great, it becomes a calling that you can't ignore. 

I love punk/alt rock music, thrift and antique stores, great logo design, Coca-Cola, and meeting interesting people who live pursuing their passions. I'm also the proud owner of a cat with thumbs, and I live on 10 acres. There is never a dull moment!

Take a peek at my work and if you see something in my work that interests, excites or invites you to reach out, do it!